Jim Jones Partners With Streetwear Brand Prps For New Line

Rapper and music executive, Jim Jones team up with elevated denim/streetwear brand Prps to launch the new line, The Prps x Jim Jones Capsule.

The limited-edition capsule was designed to highlight Jim’s Spanish Harlem roots intertwined with Prps’ artistic, urban playground DNA. The collection draws influence from the daily grind and hustle!

“Fashion has always been a passion of mine since I can remember from watching my uncle Ricky and uncle Avery get dressed in the flyest street fashion in the 80’s, to seeing how creative my mom was when it came to fashion,” reveals Jones. “Being in the music industry gave me the freedom and the creativity to carve my own lane in the fashion world. I’m very grateful that Prps noticed my contribution to fashion and music. This capsule only opens a door for the world to see more of Jim Jones the designer, aka Joseph Rose.”

Featuring a curated selection of denim, outerwear, hoodies, tees and hats, inspired by Harlem in the 90s, the capsule takes us on a journey through Jim Jones’s heritage while reinforcing the Prps theme ‘Bruised, Never Broken.’ All pieces include dynamic graphics and art-centric details, both Prps signatures, creating a must-have collection of collectible fashion for Jim Jones fans and Prps loyalists alike.

Jim Jones’ son Pudy as model

“Jim has been a relevant figure in hip hop/rap culture, as a musician for many years, but what most people don’t realize is that he’s been a major fashion influencer as well. He is a respected artist, businessman and style icon, spanning multiple generations, cultures, and industries. I really enjoyed collaborating with him. His energy and vision is captivating and refreshing. We gave Jim creative control of this project so he could impact the project from start to finish. We wanted this to be a true mashup, not just a collection that we added his name to. The end result is something truly unique and 100% authentic,” says Prps Creative Director, Mattia Donadi.

The limited-edition capsule will drop mid-January and will be available exclusively at www.prpsjeans.com

Prps is a global lifestyle brand founded in 2002 with the desire to offer the best denim on the market.


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