15 Disrespectful Things Uncle Murda Said About People in “RapUp 2019”

Independent rapper Uncle Murda recently released his end of year single, “RapUp 2019,” and like his previous offerings, a whole lot of people are going to be pissed. Not one to hold his tongue, Murda slammed everyone who said or did dumb shit in 2019, including K. Michelle, Tank, R. Kelly, Jussie Smollett, Oprah Winfrey, Cassie, Tekashi, and more. As we listened and dropped our “Oh, did he just say that” comments, amongst other things, we thought we would pull some of the top disrespectful lines from the song so you can read them for yourselves.

  1. K. Michelle can’t keep a man ’cause her pussy stink; She pretty, she can sing and all that, but her pussy stink
  2. (Tekashi) …he heard niggas sayin’ they was gon’ kill his mother / If she alive when they come home, they should still kill his mother
  3. Niggas ain’t wanna hear Trey Songz on Power singin’ / It ain’t feel right without hearin’ Joe in the beginning
  4. On the Breakfast Club, what the fuck was Tank tryna say? / If he sucked a nigga dick before, then that nigga gay
  5. R. Kelly cryin’ like he innocent like we don’t know he wrong / I hope he with the homos gettin’ raped and peed on
  6. Omarion baby mother a whore / She fuckin’ Fizz, so he kicked B2K off the tour
  7. (Girl from the Bronx who lied about kidnap and Jussie Smollett) We was feelin’ bad for you, you little fuckin’ liar / Just like that light skin gay nigga from Empire / They kicked you off the show, now what career you got?
  8. Why you ain’t comin’ after white people, Oprah? / It’s like your new hustle fuckin’ your own people over / You know exactly what you doin’, don’t act dumb, bitch / You out here movin’ like you voted for Trump, bitch
  9. Don’t deport 21 Savage, let him stay / Even though he lied to us about bein’ from the A
  10. NBA YoungBoy still walkin’ around with herpes
  11. YBN Almighty got his chain snatched
  12. George Zimmerman suin’ Trayvon family, disrespect / Niggas gotta get it together, how we ain’t kill him yet?
  13. (Keyshia Cole) She was irrelevant, when the last time we mentioned her?
  14. Cassie had a baby, oh, you thought I forgot, bitch? / With that trainer Diddy hooked you up with, that’s thot shit
  15. Gunna was on Crime Stoppers snitchin’ too hard

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