Video: James Gardin – Promise Land

Michigan rapper James Gardin has released the visuals for his soulful new single, “Promise Land.”

The song is a form of encouragement to prompt people to fulfill their purpose. Gardin intended for it to be a vehicle to drive away doubts and discouraging thoughts so that people can continue to travel the roads of their life journey.

“Many people feel like they have a purpose, but not all of them actually believe they can fulfill it,” says Gardin. “Promise Land is an anthem of encouragement to that person who has let life either discourage, and or detour them. So play this song and let your Faith be rejuvenated so you can avoid turning a 12 day trip into a 40 year quest.”

An Illect Recording artist, James Gardin is known for his multifaceted skill set of empowering rhymes, fun melodies, energetic stage presence, and deft fashion sense to become the most successful emcee in his hometown of Lansing, Michigan.

He has performed hundreds of shows around the world, amassed thousands of plays and has also had songs featured on ESPN, GaryVee TV, and Black&SexyTV.

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