Kiara Simone’ – Trick (Official Music Video)

Kiara Simone is fiery and bold in the new visual to ‘Trick!’ The all-in-your-face ladies anthem is untraditional, powerful and true to game. Simone is promoting women’s empowerment in a male-dominated industry – her way!

The LA native spits fire like Kodak Black and expels raw confidence like Kash Doll. Simone’s gritty delivery, honest lyrics and inspirational story of rising from immense pain and struggle to follow her dreams, allows her story to rise above the rest.

“Nothing is fake about my music,” said Kiara. “I don’t make it up: what you hear in my music is ME. I’ve been through a lot and no one from where I’m from has made it this far. If I can do it, you can do it too.” She continued: “My music is about empowering women to be strong-minded and make them feel like they can achieve anything on their own, without being so dependent on men,” stated the rising star.

Kiara first tapped into her musical talents at age 14 when she spit a verse by Lil’ Mama from her song “Shawty Get Loose” as her phone’s voice message recording. With the approval of her older sister Shawnta, Kiara started writing her own rhymes and practicing her craft. In a tragic turn of events, her beloved sister was shot and killed in PG County (a suburb of Maryland), leaving Kiara heartbroken. Her life changed forever and two years later, after trying to cope without her sister being around, she reached a breaking point where she wanted to completely give up on everything.

“When I’m not where I want to be, I feel pointless,” she said. “All I had was music. I wanted to give up, but I couldn’t. When you want something that bad, you’re going to do whatever it takes to get it. I had to do it for my family to help change their situation, and I knew I was the way out,” she explained.

Between her soaring streaming numbers from the new project ‘XIV’ and the smarts of a Wall Street banker, we bet Kiara Simone makes your man ‘trick!’

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