Rap Artist Emcee N.I.C.E Talks ‘PRAISE’ Album, “I Got Angels” Single, Music, Ministry & More

Emcee N.I.C.E is a soldier of God, and he understands that God is his salvation even though he is a pivotal artist in the entertainment industry. N.I.C.E is an innovative artist who collaborated with hip-hop heavy hitters, NAS and 2Pac (posthumously). He also worked on a song for the Academy Award-winning film “Crash.” Even though N.I.C.E worked with secular artists, his ongoing mission is to create “faith-fortified music.”

N.I.C.E continues to stand by his purpose when he released his album, ‘PRAISE,’ a 14-song project that is endorsed as a “thank you” note to God. This album would be spiritual food for believers and non-believers. There are songs on the album that address physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges that cause people to step away from God. But, in the end, people have to realize the secret formula is God.

Rappersroom conversed with Emcee N.I.C.E about his album, God, music, and his upcoming projects.

Acronym N.I.C.E.: It stands for Novelist is Constantly Evolving.

Government Name “Aulsondro”: I blame it on my mother. I didn’t know what it meant until I was older. My name means “prosperous protector of the reflection of light.” It means a perfect reflection of God. God is good, so I’m striving to be better and do better.

Album, ‘PRAISE’: It is an album that truly celebrates Christ. The creative process for this album was so empowering. While I was completing this album, I’ve gained so much spiritual insight. I am just celebrating God and just really about his goodness. I am using scripture to bring out the best in me. Gospel music is my roots, and I started in gospel music, performing Christian rap. I stepped away from it for a while because it was not popular at the time. So, I became a hip-hop/ R&B artist, and it was a successful ride. But, I still wanted to return to my gospel roots and record music. I had that mindset because I want to celebrate God all around, period. I praise God, and my favorite scripture is Jeremiah 29:11. My record is heavily influenced by this scripture because I know God has a plan for my life. God has a plan for me, and you and we have to let it come to fruition. We have to remember why we walk with Christ and continue to pray so we can go all the way up.


Single, “I Got Angels”: I took a gospel classic, and I made it into my own. The gospel song was influenced by Richard Smallwood’s song, “Angels,” because it resonated in my spirit. It will inspire today’s youth when they’re feeling alone and don’t have anybody to talk them. If I didn’t have angels watching over me, I wouldn’t be alive. It lets me know I’m covered in the blood of Jesus. I played the record for Richard Smallwood, and he co-signed for me to make the record. It just shows me how music can evolve in front of your eyes. It was a number one song and #1 Top Gospel Albums, #1 Gospel Album Sales, and #1 Hot Single Sales. It was amazing to create something magnificent because I made a record that would be relatable to the Christian community. I want to make music with a purpose and continue to work on my relationship with God.

Producers on the PRAISE album: I worked with DJ Fat Jack, a legend in hip-hop music. He is an amazing producer, extremely talented. I also worked with Sam Peezy, Steven Ford, and ULP Productionz. I diversify my musical talents on this album so I can present it to a broader audience.

The 3 M’s Music, Ministry, and Message: Those were the 3 M’s that are crucial in my life. I am designed to live my life with purpose and service. Growing up, my brother and I would have concerts in my apartment and listen to old-school hip-hop. We would listen to everything from Rakim to De La Soul. We would create a stage because music was an important aspect of our lives. Ministry is also important because I am an advocate for God. Ministry is about finding or discovering insight about God and his mission. Message is the last M because we’re planting a seed to get the message. The message is honor and respect others and be your best self. These M’s help diffuse situations in my life.

2018 Projects: I just want to create music that will unite people, instead of dividing them. I want to make songs that would inspire people to have a better life. I want people to increase their faith in God. “Alright,” the second single off the album indicates that everything will be alright despite what you’re going through in life. They are trusting the process because you have faith in God. You are seeking truth in the Lord. You have to trust that God would provide a way out for you in the end.

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