Rap Beef: Uncle Murda’s “Why You Mad?” vs. Mad Skillz’s “Murda Gram”

Brooklyn rapper Uncle Murda went to war on this one as he hits back at VA emcee Mad Skillz on the new diss track, “Why You Mad?” The track opens with a phone call where Skillz says Murda was disrespectful on his latest yearly recap.

“My Virginia n*ggas gon’ bump this, n*gga / They don’t fuck with you like they fuck with the clipse, n*gga,” he raps. “They don’t fuck with you like they fuck with Pharrell, neither / You tried to takeover like Jay and you got ethered.”

Murda ignited the beef on his 2017 yearly Rap Up by dropping a few stabs at Skillz, which gave way to the below Skillz diss track.

“Bitin’ niggas, I could never get along with y’all / A song? Naw, straight curvin’ niggas,” he raps. “I wouldn’t even take a picture with Uncle Murda, nigga.”

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