Quando Rondo – I Remember

Emerging rapper Quando Rondo is currently making big moves, but before his newfound popularity, he was in the streets doing some things.

In his new music video for “I Remember,” featuring Atlanta’s very own, Lil Baby, Quando reminisces about the life that made him what he is today.

Quando Rondo is 18 years old and blowing up out of Savannah, Georgia. Hes been in and out of jail for a heavy majority of his teenage years, and initially gained buzz locally for his “First Day Out” track. It wasn’t until Quando started posting his freestyles/acapellas online after another stint in jail that he started to go viral, gaining the attraction of rappers and celebrities alike. Quando is naturally melodic with an incredible knack for hooks. He is putting together his first real mixtape with his first time being in a real studio; With his entire city behind him and an incredible personality, the sky is the limit for teenage rapper Quando Rondo.

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