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Noochie – “Something, Something” Ft. Fnsho


Do you remember your high school crush? Rapper Noochie will have you reminiscing about your high school days while watching his new video for “Something, Something,” featuring Fnsho. The video takes us down the school’s hallways, into the classroom, and to the annual talent show, as Noochie and Fnsho perform the single, accompanied by a band.

Noochie tries to convince a classmate he is interested in dating to give him a shot. Not taking no for an answer, Noochie insists that he is the right one for her and proves that hes not like other guys.

Girl I cant sit right here / And just watch you waste your time with these fools / And I cant help but wait / And cant help but say / That Im just right for you / Now I need my shot and my chance / Hoping that my wishes come true / Girl I want you / What I gotta do, he raps.

Fnsho continues the conversation by letting us know that a relationship cant flourish if steps arent taken to make it work.

Cause something, something, something / Turns to nothing, nothing, nothing / If we wait too long / What are we waiting on / Not rushing into nothing / But you need this kind of loving / Girl don’t take it wrong / What are we waiting on, he sings.

You can find Something, Something on Noochie’s second mixtape titled ‘New Regular.’ Fans near San Francisco, Santa Ana, and Los Angeles can catch him performing Something, Something and other tracks from New Regular as an opening act for Lil Uzi Vert on the following dates:

January 31st – San Francisco Amory, San Francisco
February 1st – The Observatory, Santa Ana
February 2nd – Shrine Expo Hall, Los Angeles

Watch Something, Something below:

Words by: Brianna Carter

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