REVIEW: How Big Sean and Metro Boomin’s ‘Double or Nothing’ Won The Night!

In the daily world wind of mumble rapper here and “what he say?” rapper there, the unmatched King of the North flips the most popular sound with the most popular producer and outsmarts us – again. No, Big Sean isn’t the Professor X of the game, but his seat is cemented at The Table. In his version of doing it for the streets, he wins. His counterparts understand his ability to out rap them, but now he’s added a more relatable palate with help from the incomparable Metro Boomin.

Undoubtedly, the soundtrack of the fourth quarter, Big Sean describes sitting in the back of the bus hitting a blunt with Rosa Parks while also not texting back those he doesn’t trust. In his gumbo of experiences, there are sounds bites of character that prevail, even against his heavy-hitting bars. He’s the reigning champion of words, which he uses to spit opinionated, yet fair, insight into the horrific American culture of injustice.

With guest appearances from 2 Chainz, 21 Savage, Travis Scott, Swae Lee and Young Thug, the 10-track, Winter vibe ‘Double or Nothing’ showcase Boomin’s versatility in instrumentation and his effort to perfectly intertwine his personal growth with his already industry-setting sound. He continues to create an authentic aesthetic that is now, seemingly, the soundtrack to our lives.

A surprising twist to the commercial duo comes when rising female artist by day and savage – by her lyrically content accompanied with her thunderous Instagram clap backs – by night when Kash Doll drops in for the only feminine addition to the body of work.

Why ‘Double or Nothing’ wins the December 8th release date showdown:

  • Big Bidness: Any track that features the ‘Trap House’ officiator himself is an automatic win! 2 Chainz rushes the beat and goes directly for the touchdown. Although short, it’s sound and he marks his territory on the Boomin beat.
  • Savage Time: Big Sean claims his throne by naming himself the greatest of all time. It’s not often that the perceived ‘take home to mom rapper’ goes for necks in the most literal sense. “Fuck a fake hoe/that bitch toxic.” Yeah, we know who he’s talking about.
  • Reason: Swae Lee isn’t the only one crooning on this track. Big Sean sings “You know I change with the seasons / The same way I’m coming bitch I’m leaving” just like a 2017 “I’m a rapper and a singer” pro and we approve.

Much, like always, Big Sean lets his opponents know that they just can’t do what he can do.

Purchase the album here and watch the two stars interview each other below:

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