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Rexx Life Raj – Forever Lit Ft. G-Eazy


Rexx Life Raj takes a break from introspection to give himself a little love on “Forever Lit,” his latest single featuringG-Eazy.

Rexx Life says about the song and collaboration, “There are times when you see your destiny manifesting before your eyes and you understand youre about to collide head-first into peak litness so you tap in with your already lit homie and tell him ‘Aye bro, lets take it from Willard (middle school) to the world…’ and he hits you back with ‘of course bro.’ and yall both slither over a Mikos Da Gawd & JULiA LEWiS soundscape to show people that its forever, like 21, which is bittersweet because youve always been too fat to wear any of those small-people brands but its whatever because the glow up is here and youre about to put on for fatboys worldwide. facts bb.”

“Forever Lit” will appear on Rexx Life’s upcoming album, ‘Father Figure 2: Flourish,’ due out November 17th via EMPIRE. The set also features appearances from Russ, and Iman Europe and contributions from some of the Bay Area’s most innovative producers, including Mikos Da Gawd, JULiA LEWiS, Ian McKee, Drew Banga, Kyle Betty, and more.

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