Eve Comments on Nicki Minaj’s Racy PAPER Photos: “I Just Donít Think Itís Right”

Eve is already stirring up some controversy as the new co-host of CBS’ ‘The Talk.’

The rapper/actress made her debut on Tuesday, and by Wednesday (Nov. 15), she was already discussing a hot topic. During a conversation about Nicki Minaj’s provocative PAPER magazine cover, Eve shared her opinion about the racy photos, declaring she couldn’t do it.

“Sheís a nice person. She’s an amazing rapper, and as a lyricist, I respect her,” said Eve. “But as a woman, I personally would not be able to do that. In this climate, I think itís not good.”

Eve continued to clarify her stance, insisting this is only her opinion and not about hate.

“Iíd just rather be a voice for those girls who have no voice in a different way ó without showing myself off,” she said. “I just donít think itís right.”

Naturally, Minajís fans went on the attack, forcing Eve to further explain her point of view.

Check the video below to hear Eveís full comments on Minaj.

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