Saba Jenga Releases New Single, ‘Black Girl Magic’


Rising indie rapper/singer Saba Jenga delivers the girl-power anthem, ‘Black Girl Magic.’

“I want my fans to see the ingredients of ‘Black Girl Magic,'” says Saba. “The audacity, responsibility, sexuality, vulnerability and power in the innocence of it all…That the Magic is simply surviving in a space that was built to be completely against you and still you rise. I want fans to hear the things I spoke on that didn’t exist at one point and how it grew to fruition.”

On her upcoming EP, Saba embraces her Caribbean roots with dancehall-infused tracks like “Rewind.” She opens up about her relationship [or lack thereof] with her father on “Daddy Issues,” and on the title track, “Black Girl Magic” Saba serves up an intense anthem for the phenomenal women whose melanin is “on fleek.”

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