Rapper DeJ Loaf Releases The New Mixtape, All Jokes Aside

Rapper DeJ Loaf Releases The New Mixtape, ‘All Jokes Aside’


Rapper DeJ Loaf is upping her promotional campaign by releasing the new mixtape, All Jokes Aside.

“There comes a time in a girl’s life, where she becomes a young woman. It’s called growth, it’s called maturity, it’s called living life to the full potential and being true to who you are,” says DeJ Loaf on her inspiration for the mixtape. “That’s what I represent. I feel good about everything that I am doing right now, because it is what I want to do. Not what anyone else wants me to do; it’s what I want to do. I’m in charge. I run my show. It feels damn good.”

Listen and download here.

1. Vibes
2. Who Am I?
3. Chase Mine
4. How
5. Keep Going
6. Im Gon’ Win
7. Bitch Please
8. Make Money
9. Bout Dat (featuring Silk the Shocker)
10. Die 4 It
11. Goals

DeJ Loaf is currently in the studio, finishing up her forthcoming, full length debut album.

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