Dollar Bin - Do It Again Ft. Tunji Ige

Dollar Bin – Do It Again Ft. Tunji Ige

Dollar Bin - Do It Again Ft. Tunji Ige

The earth-shaking bangers keep coming from Dollar Bin as he delivers an absolutely huge new single, “Do It Again,” featuring burgeoning Philly rapper, Tunji Ige.

Together, the two rising artists make one hell of a duo, something that Dollar Bin’s loyal Twitter followers have known since summer 2015. Back then, he tweeted out a snippet of their work together, and while sounding large, “Do It Again” is an even far more impressive effort.

“Do It Again” boasts the Harlem producer’s trademark massive drums and synthesizers, which is the perfect canvas for his rapping cohort’s explosive guest appearance. From the shouted hook that sounds tailor-made for live performances to the verses brimming with confidence—just listen to how often he switches up his flow—Tunji is simultaneously all over the place and grounded. You know, much like the track he’s rapping on.

Be on the lookout for the release of Dollar Bin’s new EP, The King of Styles, which drops April 15 through all major digital retailers, and is now available for pre-order via iTunes.

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