The Posterz – Ben Up

The Posterz rocked 2015 with their heavy-hitting Junga EP, and today they’re continuing the momentum, sharing a powerful visual for “Ben Up.” Rapper Kris the $pirit stands front and center, laying down raw verses while Hu$$er jumps on the hook with Montreal/New York singer Kali Pop on vocals. “Ben Up” presents a grittier, darker sound from the trio, who have come up on top of life’s toughest situations.

“Ben Up is Ghetto Rock,” The Posterz explain. “Kris the $pirit learned how to maneuver the Concrete Jungle, and is almost schooling the listener on how to survive in it. Kris’ verse was initially a freestyle about our lifestyle and how we were in a bad situation selling dope with a bunch people in the same predicament. Despite our hardships, we handle them the only way we know. Sometimes life doesn’t always give you the best people or circumstances, but we think above it and continue.”

The Posterz have been putting Montreal hip-hop on the map with their enticing sound and unmistakable personality. Their latest Junga EP showcased their eccentric musical style and cemented them as one of Canada’s most exciting acts.

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