50 Cent Sides With Beck in Grammy Win Over Beyonce

It seems like only Kanye West and Beyoncé’s Beyhive are upset over Beck’s win for “Album of the Year” at this past Sunday’s Grammy Awards.

While visiting the People Now studios to promote his new underwear line (this dude stay working), rapper 50 Cent gave his 2 cents on Kanye’s ranting as well as Beck’s victory over Queen Beyonce for the coveted trophy.

“He produce the record, wrote the record, it’s eleven producers on Beyoncé’s album. Kanye being a producer and a writer should see that,” 50 Cent said about the organization giving Beck the Grammy.

We’re sure many people will dig into this statement, but we don’t think 50 was shading Beyonce; seems he is saying Beck is quite talented as well.

Nonetheless, 50 Cent thinks the Grammy Awards has lost its footing in the public eye.

“I don’t think people care about those establishments anymore,” Fiddy said about the Grammys. “My reasons for going to awards shows is my peers being there to acknowledge the work… if it means that we get to choose ourselves, who deserves what award, then why would I show up for them to tell me?”

He adds, “I felt like I deserved best new artist for my first album, which was the largest debut in rap back then. With 13 million records sold, when was the last time have you seen Evanescence? Crickets, crickets, crickets.”

Watch 50 Cents Interview below:

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