Fat Joe – Stressin’ ft. Jennifer Lopez

“Do it look like we stressin?”

Fat Joe links up with not Jennifer Lopez, but her spicy alter ego J.Lo for their collab/video for “Stressin.” The duo hasn’t been seen on a collab since 2005’s “Hold You Down,” but they pick up where they left off, only in a more turnt up way.

Both Joe and J.Lo are in their 40s and look great as “Fat” Joe continues to look slimmer and slimmer while Jenn shows off her amazingly-fly physique. French Montana cameos as they set the club in fire.

“The whole video’s pretty much a party vibe,” Joe told Fuse. “So many obstacles in life … We never want to be looking like we’re stressin’. Never want to let them see you sweat, even though I’m sweating after this. But the point is: We’re enjoying life, life’s too short, so we gotta just enjoy life to the fullest and live every day like it’s the last.”

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