Big Sean Collabs With Kanye West on New Album

It looks like Big Sean is getting the attention he wanted from Kanye West. During a recent interview, he confirmed that the GOOD Music boss will be involved in his forthcoming third studio album.

When asked about Kanye West, Big Sean responds by saying:

“Yeah, he took time. That guy right there he took his time out. That’s an OG, man. Shout out to the boy. Shout out to the homie.”

Despite the animosity between the two in the past, Big Sean says that he and Kanye West support one another regardless of any disagreements they may have. I’m glad to know that they are able to work things out as mature men and keep business first!

In related news, the "Celebrity" rapper revealed that his plans to team up with Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj is not set in stone. He basically implied that we have to be patient and watch what happens when the album drops.

Aside from the possible collaborations on this next project, Big Sean informs us of what his fans should anticipate, musically, from this forthcoming project. He says the tracks will be "harder" and "a tad-bit darker" than those on past albums.

“I feel like these records are just harder, man. I try different things all the time and I feel like this one’s more intense as far as just the raps are at a high level. I’m just making it something that I wanna do. Something that’s probably a little bit darker than the last one. Yeah, it’s gonna be good though. We getting it ready for you. It’s almost ready…We got some crazy ones on there, man. Even that ‘Paradise’verse. I feel like that verse was —That’s a wild one right there.”

There is no specified release date for the project as of yet, but Big Sean assures his fans that they can expect to see it released either late this year or early next year.

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