Waka Flocka’s Younger Bother KayO Redd Dies in Atlanta

After news of the murder of Hustle Gang member Doe B. broke a few days ago, another tragedy has transpired in the hip-hop world.

Waka Flocka’s younger brother, a rapper named KayO Redd, was found dead from a gunshot wound yesterday (Dec. 29). Details are still unclear, with some reports claiming suicide, others reporting murder.

Waka took to Twitter to publically express his emotions. "God please bless me," and then tweeting: "Ya Big Brother love you Kayo." Their mother and Waka’s manager Debra Antney sent out one, single poignant tweet: "I just lost another son."

Earlier this year, KayO had released his mixtape “Redd Kisses,” a follow up to 2011’s “YNS: The Rise Of The Sykho Soulja”mixtape and YNS 2: Full Time Grind mixtape in 2012.


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