Make-up Artist Accuses Lil Kim of Photo Theft For New Single

Lil Kim has come under fire for allegedly stealing a photo of a decaying skull from a professional make-up artist for her new single cover. The image is a skeleton with red hair and pink and green make-up.

Samantha Ravndahl claims Kim ripped the image from her Instagram account without permission for her song “Dead Gal Walking,” and she is now threatening the rapper with a lawsuit, demanding compensation unless a settlement is reached.

Lil Kim is a THIEF, steals make-up artists work

According to TMZ, Ravndahl reportedly contact Kim’s management team about the complaint, but they are giving her the run around.

To add insult to injury, Ravndahl alleges Kim has continued to repost the image online and has even added her own copyright logo to the picture.

“Dead Gal Walking” is the Queen B’s first single from her upcoming comeback mixtape, Hard Core 2K13.

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