Kendrick Lamar on Fashion: ‘It Goes Hand in Hand With Rap’ (Video)

Fashion in hip-hop has always been rooted in 'round the way' comfort mixed with outlandish flashiness. From Adidas sneakers, sweat suits (sometimes shiny), sports caps (fitted or otherwise), jerseys (throwback or otherwise), designer pieces, gold chains/diamonds, and furs, fashion in hip hop comes in trends. Right now, it seems a more comfortable, subdued style is trending.

Take hip-hop's man of the moment, Kendrick Lamar, who sat down with Hypebeast to discuss style in hip hop as well as his personal taste in threads. Rocking what he calls a “regular” sweat suit, Lamar says his style is geared towards comfort; on any given day, catch him in a white tee, some Levi’s jeans and an LA Dodgers hat.

He cites Jay-Z as one of the more versatile hip-hop style icons.“You wanna put the jersey on, wanna put the button up on. You wanna get your gown man on and get everything nice and fitted. That’s when everything as far as the baggy look died down a little but when everybody wanted to feel a little more like Jay.”

In terms of getting into the fashion game, the rapper claims he would never jump into something just because he has the money to do so, out of respect for those who’ve been doing their entire lives. “I could do it, but my heart isn’t there, my heart is in the music,” he said.

And what's K. Dot's favorite sneaker? Find out in his full conversation with Hypebeast below:

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