Lupe Fiasco’s SLR 2’s Production Duo Floss & Fame Weigh In On Kendrick Lamar’s “Control”

We often know everything about the rappers, but what about those beat makers that craft the tracks? The beat is sometimes just as inportant as the lyrics. The dynamic duo called Floss & Flame, hailing from the streets of Providence, Rhode Island (home of beat maker like AraabMuzik ) blessed Lupe Fiasco with a hot beat to ride on Kendrick Lamar as a reply. We had a chance to talk to them about their reaction to the beef and what it is for Hip Hop.

“The SLR 2 beat was something we had cooked up a year ago. It’s just that when we go into the studio I feel we put a lot of emotion into the music we make. When we get in the studio we zone out… everything we are going through we put into the music. We feed off each other’s vibe. I may come through with a melody (Kris Fame) or he (Floss) comes with an ill pattern. Regardless, it always works out and we make fire!” – Floss & Fame

“I think that track by Kendrick Lamar was needed for Hip Hop. Hip Hop was really dry. I think that was the drink of water we needed. It was needed to make other rappers step their game up and bring Hip Hop back to where it needs to be. We thank Kendrick Lamar for making that track. We thank Lupe Fiasco for replying… this is real Hip Hop. We love it!!!”

These cats are fresh to the game but we are curious to see what else they have cooking.

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