Jay-Z and Rihanna “Made for Music” with Budweiser

Rihanna and her mentor Jay-Z has been tapped by Budweiser for a new international campaign called "Made for Music." With music at the heart and set to reach over 85 countries, the marketing initiative will include TV commercials featuring the two stars, limited-edition packaging, digital executions, out-of-home advertising and sponsorships of Rihanna's and Jay-Z's concerts.

Budweiser is attempting to make their brand more iconic around the world, similar to the Coke brand. Music "allows us to bring Budweiser back as an icon of pop culture," said Ricardo Marques, Bud's global advertising director.

Jay-Z's partnership with Budweiser has been intact since launching his music festival, "Made in America," in Philadelphia.

Check out the below ads of Rihanna and Jay-Z, which "capture the creative spirit of a global generation, showcasing the many ways people create," according to a statement from the Bud. The Rihanna ad features her newest single "Right Now," while the Jay-Z spot features his "PSA" single.

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