Amanda Bynes, The Rapper? Actress Offered Deal With Chinga Chang Records

With former Nickelodeon child star Amanda Bynes popping off at the mouth on Twitter to any and every one, might as well put that mouthpiece on wax!

The actress expressed her desire to begin a music career last month when she tweeted, "Look forward to seeing me in music videos! I'm getting in shape and getting a nose job! I'm looking forward to a long and wonderful career as a singer/rapper!" Well, producer Daniel Herman of small NYC label Chinga Chang Records wants to give her a chance at music stardom by offering the outspoken Bynes a record deal through her Los Angeles lawyer. "She's phenomenal and that's the crazy thing about this, this is the perfect home. This isn't just a gimmick," he told the Huffington Post.

The deal isn’t yet official, but Herman thinks Bynes has the style, flair, and talent to make it big in urban music. "Right now you have a Nickelodeon pop star masquerading as a gangster rapper. So I see someone like Amanda Bynes and I know she has talent. I grew up with Nick and the orange couch. I know she has talent. I've heard her sing when she was younger. I wanna get her in the cutting room in NYC and see what she has. Why the hell not?" he explained.

He even goes as far as to say she has more street cred than Drake! "If you look at her actions and attitude she represents hip-hop a lot better than Drake. Musically, this girl carries herself. She is hip-hop … She is not crazy, she is not on drugs. She's just hip-hop! She's a great talent who is going to make some great records with some classic producers."

Founded in 2003, Chinga Chang Records signed under Sony Entertainment in 2011, and is also the label home of DJ Premier, and Kool G Rap, and formerly Rakim.

Good idea or bad idea?

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