Myke Bogan – Monkeys on the Beach

With a voice and flow reminiscent of 90s lyricists, Myke Bogan drops the follow-up to his first mixtape So Long South Dakota, with Monkeys on the Beach. The whole compilation is just a vibe-out fest: On "The Way I Feel," Bogan spits over a lonely piano sample from BJ The Chicago Kid's "His Pain" brought to life by his bars and a beat guaranteed to make your head bob, while "Stimulated" and "Legend" vibe out like the lying on the "Beach and a Blanket;" those and all tracks in between follow suit.

Bogan explains the title: "Monkeys on the Beach comes from one side of my life being my vacation; the weed, the partying, the drinking, the music. That's my getaway,” he explains. “The other side of my life (my kids, the issues I go through with my baby mom, my family, my struggles, my addictions) is the crazy side, the jungle animal in me, the monkey," says Myke.

Check out the self-proclaimed lyrical architect:

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