Going Once! Tupac’s Fedora From ‘California Love’ Video Up For Auction

There’s something about rocking a fedora that commands respect. A fashion statement that’s largely associated with the original gangsters during the 1920 and 30s during the prohibition era; Michael Jackson popularized the headwear in music, but it also slowly made its way into the hip hop culture, as many rappers idolize the gangster lifestyle portrayed in the film Scarface. One rapper who rocked the fedora on occasion is Tupac Shakur, and now, whoever is willing to bid the highest by March 30 can own the black fedora Pac wore in the 1995 “California Love” video.

According to IconMemorabilia.com, the hat was currently in possession of Sharise Neil (the ex-wife of Motley Crue member Vince Neil) who was gifted the hat from Tupac during a three-month relationship. The highest bidder won’t only get the the Biltmore Imperial homburg-style fedora, but also the ticket stub from Sharise Neil’s and Pac’s trip to Cabo San Lucas, and a sworn testament that the hat is the same hat from the video, and was gifted to her from Tupac.

Only nine bidders have bid so far at the time of this writing, the current bid at $5,363.00.

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