The-Dream Says Jay-Z’s Grammy Jab is a Normal Thing Between Friends

During the recent 55th annual Grammy Awards, held this pass Sunday (Feb 10) at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, Jay-Z created one of the most talk about moments of the night. While accepting the award for Best Rap Song/Collaboration for his hit "No Church in the Wild," off the Watch The Throne LP, with contributors The-Dream and Frank Ocean, the rap mogul used it for his own amusement. After The-Dream and Frank Ocean handed out their thank yous, Jay-Z, instead of adding his own speech, commented on The-Dream's outer wear, stating, "I’d like to thank the swap meet for his hat."

Many thought it was a jab at The-Dream, but when speaking to Philly’s Hot 109.7 recently, the hit songwriter insists he has a great relationship with Jay and that's part of their everyday life; cracking jokes.

I don’t know if people really know how much time we spend around each other. There’s a thing like, ‘Oh that’s the first time he’s around him and that’s what Jay feels about him.’ We’re around each other joking all the time. It’s not like he wouldn’t say that. He would say that whether the TV is on or not.

Of course I have suits in my closet that I could have put on. I could have looked like everybody else that was there. I could have did that. Actually, we made the best TV moment that’s been on the Grammys in a long time. I don’t mind taking a joke or a jab. That’s cool. I’ll get Jay back.[…] All that means is that Jay’s in debt and he owes me like, three rap verses.

There you have it folks…only friends having a good time.


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