Gangsta Rap and The Mighty Jheri Curl: 5 Artists Who Made It Poppin (or Juicy)

The Jheri curl is a hairstyle that was popping amongst African American community, especially during the 1970s and 1980s (Watch Coming To America for more examples of its popularity). This extraordinary product was invented by the great Jheri Redding. The Jheri curl gave the wearer a silky, freely curled look.It gave the people an alternative to the damaging relaxer. Perms took a lot of time, were expensive and took patience to apply.The combination of chemicals also left wearer’s hair dry and tired. Jheri curl was the savior of hair products at that time.

Boyz in the Hood and Pulp Fiction featured some of the most infamous gangsters in Hollywood history. However, it was the real gangsters of the West Coast that made being a gangster juicy. When you throw on the hat on top of the Jheri curl it just let people know you were not playing and you were about your business. Here is a look at artists that inspired us to grab that Jheri curl product and apply. We are just waiting for rappers to get back on this hair wave since we’ve already gone back to gumbis, skin fades and high top fades. Here are a couple artists that helped to start gangsta rap in their Jheri curl.

Let’s bring back the Jheri Curl baby!!!

Rewind to 1993.

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