Shyne Wants Drake to Stop Acting Like a Street Kid, Says He Should Sing About Girls

Rapper Shyne has been vocal as of late and his latest victim is rapper Drake. In a recent interview with MTV News, he called out the “Crew Love” rapper for allegedly faking the front and acting like a “street kid.”

“What does he do? He’s an actor from Canada. So he just studied Lil Wayne, studied Kanye… he studied them and he just acts like a street kid? These dudes couldn’t exist in the Raekwon, Ghostface era. If Big and ’em was around and ‘Pac, c’mon man, they’d have these dudes for lunch,” says Shyne. “That’s my problem with this culture, you can say anything you want, you can promote anything you want and nobody’s held accountable, and then they’ll say that I’m hatin’. I would really prefer Drake to sing about girls and sing about being a good kid from Canada and whatever that entails.”

Drake and Shyne had no issues prior to Shyne’s comments.

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