Dorrough Talks Ballin, His Formula, Being Challenged, Success and More

Dorrough has rocked stages and clubs throughout his career. He has been able to take his instincts on the court and transfer those skills to the Hip Hop game. In his sit down with RappersRoom, Dorrough talks about everything from how to get your music hustle on to challenging yourself. It seems he will never be satisfied with his success because he wants to do even more. Check out this trailblazer from Dallas that has the backpackers and hustlers alike rocking to the same sound.

NYC … The first time coming to N.Y.C. was in 2009 to do 106 & Park. I remember it being really cold. I came to negotiate my record deal …it was different from Texas.

Favorite Baller … A. Iverson is my favorite baller. I hate to see the way they try to characterize A.I. He doesn’t get much credit. He took his team to great levels and never had a squad like Lebron.

I’m Ballin … I’m never rusty. I ball every chance I get.

High School Dayz … People I went to school with would actually say I would be playing pro ball even though I would sell mixtapes at my games.

Introduction to the Rap Game … Well, I was getting the results faster with the music thing… selling mixtapes. If I wanted to play ball I would have to go to school and go through the process. With music I would get instant results from mixtapes, people wanted to do songs and I got paid. With basketball you can’t see where it’s going to go.

Artists/Ballers … Kirko Bangz shows out and I respect Chris Brown’s game that cat can ball! I got to give it to Kirko Bangz too.

Adrenaline Rush … It’s the same feeling playing music and sports. Right before I get on the court, I get that adrenaline rush and that’s exactly how I feel when I’m getting ready for a performance. When I get there, I prefer to focus on the show and then do the smoking/drinking afterwards. You don’t know what kind of crowd your going to get.

Mixing In With The Backpackers … I would say my most challenging shows are the ones where I get mixed in with backpack rappers. I get support from them, but they are more judgmental and they are looking for the mistakes. Even if you’re ready it just might be a tough crowd, but that’s how you know you can rock out a crowd and hold it down.

How to get Your Music Hustle On … Its overall structure. Uniqueness and originality … there are different areas and you have to be ready. You have to play offense; you have to create your own moves and don’t depend on anything or anyone. You have to have a mentality that you have to get it to be successful. Know that hard work does pay off, but you have to find something that makes you different and makes people gravitate towards you. I think I focus on the music … nothing comes before the music. There are many ways to get in the limelight. You can do something that has nothing to do with music like reality TV and that’s cool, but I think I like a hit song rather than reality TV. I feel you have to be consistent.

Rapper Dorrough

Success … I think people do think of the region and where you are from when they are buying your music or going to concerts. I know my culture. I know why people gravitate to me. People buy into the culture, but overall I think it’s about reaching everyone and helping people understand and relate to you. I don’t want people to feel its southern rap. I want people to think its good music. When you’re trying to get to that level there is always change. You have to show growth. I want to come up with an album that shows what I have done to get better instead of just in the club rap. I’m going to the next level and I never want to be content. I think that’s when you achieve a certain level of success. I don’t think you ever get there like the Jay-Z’s and the Kanye’s … they go through phases and they are going to challenge themselves to do something different. I challenge myself to do something different then if I try it and it work it’s a great accomplishment even if it doesn’t speak numbers wise.

The Formula … I have a formula. First of all, I try to see what demographic would gravitate to the record. I don’t categorize it as south, Top 40 etc. Its about what I like. I also have to be comfortable going to perform or talking about the music. I wouldn’t want to do a record if I cant confidently portray it regardless of the success. If I perform it, I want people to say that was something that he did. I won’t ever write a record I’m not happy to perform. I have to be true to myself. If it was a record that challenged me I would challenge myself to do it. If its just not me, people are going to know its fake. They know I never did this stuff before and I would have to stay away from it; I could do all types of music.


Food ?? I love sea food, Italian and Chinese food. But I would have to say sea food is number 1. It’s a place called Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen.
Movie ?? Coming to America
Candy ?? Kit Kat bar
First album ?? Outkast/Speaker box
R&B Artist ?? R. Kelly
Ladies – Curvy, caramel brown skinned with a short haircut. But not short like Amber Rose more like Halle Barry. But then again I like different flavors.

Dorrough’s Gadget Picks

1. Iphone 5 (Any new Apple product)
2. Sony 3-D television
3. New XBox
4. Neumann U 87 Microphone
5. The Avalon (the equalizer with updated compressors)

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