Tum Tum Talks Dodging Prison, New York Infleunces, Molly and Trinidad James

The Dallas movement has been brewing for years along side their Texas brethrens from Houston. Dallas has always had their own sound and Tum Tum has always spearheaded the charge. RappersRoom had the chance to catch up with Tum Tum in NYC during a show at the infamous S.O.Bs. Check out Tum Tum talking about leaving the streets, being influenced by the sound of NYC and the Molly crave.

Rap saved me … I didn’t take it serious at first. I remember being downtown with the police interrogating me about a murder. Somebody got killed in Dallas and they were saying, “It’s Tum Tum and them.” I didn’t think I was going to be able to make it to finalize my record deal. I’m glad that turned out the way it did. I would have still been thuggin’ if I didn’t get that record deal. I would have been with my boys either locked up or worse. I got one doing 20 years and another one doing 40 years. I also have another one that just got out and he missed our whole rap run.

Growing up on … I grew up on E-40, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Jay-Z, Nas, Cam’ron and Swisha House. I was really into the Dip Set movement. I can’t lie, Killa Cam and the whole Harlem movement was a really big influence. Trying to stay wavy like Max B. … Oh …Oh… Oh!!! We had just did a dope song with Max B. before he got locked up. He couldn’t even do the video. To me, a lot of rappers with that sing song rap have taken their style from Max. I hear it with Wiz Khalifa. Don’t let anyone tell you other wise, New York City still got a big influence on the world when it comes to this music thing.

The Rotten Apple … I still want to collaborate with Killa Cam and Curtis (50 Cent). Even my favorite movie is ‘Paid in Full’.

California Love … I love California because we weren’t tricking on no trees.

The Online Hustle … Technology and social networking added another dimension to the game. It helped people get to know you faster. It gives you freedom to make your own moves instead of having to check in with the labels. People can show love to you easier then back in the days. It’s so much easier to get your hustle on.

Say HIGH to Molly … Dallas is turned up and molley’d out.

Dallas vs. Houston … Houston is on our rap thing … they have the new artists that have been influenced by our style. That “drank” came from Houston, that’s a Texas thang. The mollies are selling like crazy in Dallas. Hell yeah, probably sell more down there in Dallas. Every body is doped up!

Performing for the People … We come out to NYC and perform at spots like S.O.B’s. We turn that bitch up!

Checking out the new sounds… I want to check out this new cat called Trinidad James my people been talking about.

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… Tum Tum.

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