Nicki Minaj Explains “Strict Regime” With Time After Joining American Idol

Mariah Carey screaming “why, why, why” is the least of Nicki Minaj’s problems on American Idol. According to the “Pink Friday” rapper, the element of time is a bigger struggle.

“I’m not really used to having to show up somewhere at a specific time,” Minaj admits on her E! reality series “My Truth.”

According to Minaj, being her own boss for a “few years” has taken away some of the discipline, in terms of being on time, that may be commonplace for others.

“I kinda been my own boss for a few years, so this is like adding discipline back in my life,” says Minaj. “This is adding that strict regime of having to do something. Everybody’s affected by what I do.”

That said, she better be working on timeliness. “American Idol” goes live this Spring and there won’t be any waiting for her to show up when it comes to that.

In related news, Nicki’s latest reincarnation of “Pink Friday” is due in stores Monday, Nov. 19.

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